True Blood

True Blood is Back…Oh Yeah!

Oh yes, True Blood is back, and I, for one, could not be happier.

As you may recall, I was late jumping on the True Blood bandwagon, but thanks to Beans and a site I shall not name, I watched the first three seasons in record time a few short months ago. Since then, I’ve been chomping at the bit like all Truebies, waiting for season four to begin.

And now it has! SQUEE!

I’m not going to write a indepth recap of last night’s episode because it would take too long, and I’m lazy. Plus, momma has money to make so I’m just going to highlight some of the moments from the first episode.

  • Sookie returns to fairyland where she refuses to partake of the light fruit. Anything that glows that much must have something wrong with it. (Personally, the whole light fruit thing reminded me of a scene from Percy Jackson. It wasn’t really a new concept.)
  • While in fairyland, Sookie meets her granddaddy Earl, long thought to be lost.
  • Things soon take a turn for the worst for Sookie, as so often happens. That girl is a shitstorm magnet.
  • Sookie and GDaddy Earl return to Bon Temps where he dies because he ate the fruit and fairyland and wasn’t supposed to leave w/Sookie. She ends up crying in the cemetary…AGAIN! Girlfriend is so predictable.
  • 12 1/2 months have passed in Bon Temps, which means a lot of shit has gone on.
  • Jason sold Sookie’s house and is now a cop.
  • Andy Bellefleur is hooked on V and is pissed over the amount of money spent trying to find Sookie when she disappeared.
  • Bill and Eric show up at Sookie’s house after she returns, and Eric states he’s the only one that believed she’d come back.
  • Lafayette and his boy toy Jesus make a visit to the Moon Goddess Emporium where he meets Marni, who channels Eddie, the vampire Lafayette once got V from. Weird, I know.
  • Arlene and Terry got married and are now the proud parents of little Mikey who has a penchant for tearing the heads off of Barbie dolls.
  • Jessica and Hoyt are still together but their relationship is a bit…stressed since Jessica only consumes blood and dammit, Hoyt wants some food…real food
  • Tara is no longer in Bon Temps. She’s now living as a woman named Toni. But that’s not all! She’s also hooking up with…wait for it…a chick!
  • Sam’s new group of friends are shapeshifters, one of whom is Luna, rumored to be his new love interest. After partaking of some wine, the four shapeshifters turn into…horses and gallop off into the night together, presumably for some freaky horse sex. Maybe.
  • Tommy, Sam’s brother, who he shot last season, appears to have been taken in by Hoyt’s crazyass mother. Can you say odd?
  • Portia Bellefleur meets with Sookie because Sookie wants to keep her house. (In the books Portia sounds way frumpier than she is on the show.)
  • Pam attempts to record a PSA, but, well, she’s not exactly people-friendly so Eric jumps in and turns on the charm.
  • One of the new witches, Katie, meets with the Vampire King…Bill..Hm, didn’t see that coming.
  • Jason takes a trip to Hot Shot to deliver food. And gets conked on the head and shoved in a freezer.
  • Sookie discovers that the new owner of her house is none other than Eric, which means he can come and go as he pleases. The look he gives her makes me PRAY PRAY PRAY that the shower scene between Eric and Sookie will be included this season. IT HAS TO BE!

And that’s a wrap.

(Side note: This post was supposed to be on Superficial Gallery, but Acadia forgot the convo we had about me writing a recap. In his defense, it was weeks ago, and his back has been hurting, so he was probably loaded up on pain meds. To check out his recap, which I admit is funny, click here.)

True Blood Post up at Superficial Gallery

One of my side blogging gigs is writing for The Superficial Gallery, which I love. Everyone over there is crazy as heck, but I love them. And I fit right in.

The great thing about writing for Acadia and Vange, the sites’ owners, is that I can let my hair down and let the other side of Nikki shine through — the side that’s less reserved and more fun. On here, I don’t swear or say anything untoward, but over there, I do let lose a little bit and talk about my TV obsessions and my current pretend boyfriends.

So if you’re a fan of True Blood or Alexander Skarsgard, make sure to stop by there and check the post out. I know Acadia and Vange would love to see you there, as would I.

FYI, in about a month, I’ll be resuming my Destination Truth posts since DT starts back up on March 17th. (I can’t wait. Team DT will be conducting a live investigation as they search for banshees.)

If you have an idea for a post you’d like to see me write for them, please let me know, I’m open to ideas.

Story Ideas: An Unexpected 2am Brainstorming Session

As a writer, it can be very frustrating when ideas pop up at inopportune times, like when you should be sleeping or spending time with your family. Last night, or rather early this morning, was one of those times for me.

At 2am this morning, when I should have been sleeping, I was wide awake, twiddling my thumbs and pondering whether or not I should get up and watch an episode of True Blood. I was tired, but my body wouldn’t let me fall asleep. It was irritating me, and I was looking for a distraction.

Well, I sure got one!

While I lay there under my nice, warm blankets, I felt the beginnings of an idea tickling the edges of my mind, dancing around just out of my reach, as though it were saying “Here I am. Catch me if you can.”

Slowly, that taunting little troublemaker moved forward, and I was finally able to grasp ahold of it. As frustrated as I was about being awake when the rest of the house was sound asleep, I was also very excited by this new idea, which probably contributed to the fact that I never fell back to sleep. Once I start brainstorming, it’s hard to turn my brain off.

Sure, I could have just chosen to ignore that pesky little idea when it first started toying with me, and spent that time drooling over Alexander Skarsgård until my lids grew droopy. But had I done that, I would have ended up very disappointed with myself because I didn’t chase after an idea that could have been great with some tender love and care.

In all honesty, I would have missed out on two ideas because my initial brainstorming session led to another one. Needless to say, I’ve got to get working on both of these little nuggets. I’m anxious to see if they’ll turn into something special.

If you’re a fellow writer/artist/creative mind, tell me about some of your brainstorming sessions. Do you have them in the middle of the night too? During the day? When?

‘True Blood’ DVD Giveaway

True Blood DVDRecently I began writing for, an entertainment site owned by my friends, authors Jennifer Hudock and James Melzer

I’ve known for quite some time that these two are chuck full of great ideas, so it came as no surprise to me when they decided to launch a True Blood DVD Giveaway. Yep, that’s right. You could be the lucky winner of a copy of True Blood season one or True Blood season two. So, if you’re cringing at the thought of not getting your weekly True Blood and sexy Alexander Skarsgård fix, here’s your chance to feed your bloodsucking habit until season four begins.

To win, you have to follow the guidelines below, including commenting on this post and then commenting on the official post at to inform them that you stopped by my site and left some comment love.

Any questions that you have can be posted over at the official True Blood DVD Giveaway page.

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