Jennifer Hudock Discusses Who She Would Cast in a Dark Journeys Tale

As you all know by now, author Jennifer Hudock has been touring the blog world, allowing us all the chance to get to know her and her work a little better. If you’re not familiar with Ms. Hudock’s work, you can visit her official site, which is loaded with lots of goodies, including reviews, short […]

Jennifer Hudock will be in the house a week from today

So somehow in my Benadryl-induced haze, I mixed up the date of when Jennifer Hudock was stopping by here to answer some questions regarding her Dark Journeys story collection. For some reason I thought it was the 19th, which gave me a false sense of security since I thought I still had time to come […]

Jennifer Hudock Blog Tour

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything,but it’s not because I’ve been lazy. I’ve had a sick little one to deal with on top of setting up my new site, so it’s been a bit crazy for me. More so than normal. If you’ve taken the time to look around, you’ve […]

An Interview with "Dream Wanderers" Author, Paula Brown, Part 1

As some of you know by now, I’ve been working from home for several years. Over the course of that time, I’ve met some truly amazing people who create works of art from their words alone. Paula Brown, the author of Dream Wanderers, is one such person. (You can purchase Paula’s novel through DriveThru SciFi.) […]