I Just Don’t Understand

I’ve been following the story of the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother, along with the subsequent disappearance of her nephew. Today, a body of a young boy believed to be Julian King was found. An official ID has not been made, but the FBI are saying that the body is that of Julian King. Jennifer Hudson was reported to be en route to the coroner’s office to make a positive ID.

As the day has progressed, further details have been released about the body that was discovered. Every new piece of information just turns my stomach more. What did this little boy do to deserve such a fate? Regardless of whether or not it’s actually Julian, what child deserves that? NONE! It’s not fair that this poor child had to go through such an ordeal. The pain his family is feeling is beyond belief.

UPDATE: As I write this, a press conference is now being held regarding the body. It has been confirmed that the body is that of Julian King.

I’m just heartsick over this news. Every time I hear news about a child that is missing or murdered, it makes me ill. I start thinking about how I would handle if it was one of my children involved.

I am beyond words right now.

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