Child Abuse is WRONG!!

Yesterday, I heard about a man in the town near mine that broke his 15-month-old son’s legs. The father told his son’s mother that the baby fell. He also tried covering up what happened by giving the baby pain killers. What a dumbass!! You can’t snap a baby’s legs and think it will all be better if you give it pain killers. Not only did he break his son’s legs, he could have killed him by doing something so stupid.

The sad part is, this P.O.S. was let out on $500 bail. He hurt an innocent human being and they let him out?

It seems like each time I turn on the television, I hear some new story about a parent harming their child. What the hell is wrong with these people? Why do they think it is okay to do that to someone?

I’ve thought about it a lot, and I know it sounds extreme, but I think people that do these sorts of things should NEVER be allowed to have another kid. History tends to repeat itself. I know I may get flack for it, but these people should be fixed so they are never allowed to procreate again. You can think I’m wrong all you want, but picture this:

Picture being this father, your little boy is upset and crying, and you decide that the best way to get him to stop is to bend his legs outward until you hear them snap. As you do it, this innocent little baby is staring at you, pleading with you with his eyes to stop hurting him. All he knows is the man that he loves is making him hurt. He doesn’t understand. He’s scared and yet you continue to do it, not caring that you are causing harm to this child.

Seriously picture what I wrote because that is what happened to that little boy.

I know the look my son gets when I tell him no he can’t do something. His eyes well up with tears and he gets this frown on his face. Picture that magnified by an act of violence. That’s what that little baby felt. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!

Every time I think about this little guy, and what his father did to him, I cry. My stomach knots up and I end up sick. Why aren’t these children being watched out for? What did they do to deserve that kind of treatment? All they want is to be loved. That’s not asking too much.

I’m sorry for my emotional tirade, but I’m really upset by this story, by any story like this. More so lately.

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