Don’t Pretend You Know Me

I wrote this poem almost two years ago. It’s been posted on one of my MySpaces since then. I thought it would be nice to add it here as well.

Don’t pretend you know me.

Don’t try to understand.
You can never grasp the truth,
Of this person that I am.

I’m a more then just a girl.
See this smile on my face?
I’ve finally found happiness.
My heart’s in the right place.

I’ve struggled for years with uncertainty
Over a past I cannot change,
But in the past five years
It’s my thoughts I’ve rearranged.

I’ve gone from being someone
Who was unsure of life,
But with the miracle of birth of my daughter
I’m no longer filled with spite.

Some say I’ve made mistakes
And if I hadn’t I’d be better,
But who are they to judge?
I know myself to the letter.

You can sit and judge me
And talk about my choices,
But I’ve got the upper hand
I don’t listen to your petty voices.

©Nicole Normandeau-Ireland

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