Giveaway News: Goblin Market PRINT EDITION

Goblin Market cover

Goblin Market was written by Jennifer Hudock

I have some very exciting news for those of you who love to read fantasy novels. My very good friend, author  Jennifer Hudock is holding one freaking awesome giveaway right now. And you can be a part of it.

If any of you are followers of Ms. Hudock, then you may have listened to her Podcast version of Goblin Market. This week she released the eBook edition and has set a goal of 50 sales by tomorrow night. Once she hits 50, she will be giving away five  print editions of Goblin Market — the only five print copies available. No one else will have them.

Now, I wouldn’t tell all of you to buy this book if I didn’t know how awesome it is. Jennifer is an amazing writer who creates worlds that are magical. Her words have the ability to transport you to another place and time, something not all writers are capable of. I’ve read many of her stories and love them all.

In order for the giveaway to happen, Ms. Hudock needs help from all of you. Once you purchase a copy of Goblin Market, please pass on the link to friends and family you know who would be interested in reading it. Also, please feel free to Tweet about it or post the link on your Facebook page. MySpace works too.

Goblin Market is currently available for purchase at Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99. Honestly, you can’t beat the price. And don’t worry, if you live in the UK, you can still purchase a copy through Amazon UK.

Here’s the great thing about purchasing it through Amazon, you can download a sample of the story. I guarantee that once you start reading it, you’ll want to buy it.

Once you’ve purchased the book, you’ll need to email Ms. Hudock a copy of your receipt at You will then be entered to win one of the five print edition copies of Goblin Market. The receipt needs to say that it was purchased on 1/27, 1/28 or 1/29 in order to be eligible for entry. If the goal of 50 eBooks sold is NOT reached by the end of tomorrow night at 11:59pm ET, there will be no winners. So please, spread the word.

Goblin Market Description:

Beyond the Goblin Market lies the remains of a lost and broken kingdom divided by war. The war has been over for centuries, but the kingdoms still stand apart, overrun by a creeping goblin darkness known as the Darknjan Wald. It has been written that only one holds the power to destroy that darkness and reunite the kingdoms, but she has no memory of her former life.

8 Responses to Giveaway News: Goblin Market PRINT EDITION

  • Awesome and so nice of you to promote it for her.

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  • Daisy says:

    How neat! I hope she does well!

  • Nikki says:

    It’s very important to me to help all indi authors. It can be hard to get your name out there without the backing of a huge publisher, so it takes word-of-mouth and a helping hand to see success.

    Plus, I truly believe in Jenny. I’ve known her for a couple of years now. I know how talented she is. I’ve seen what she’s capable of, and I know she has great things in store for her.

  • Chrystal says:

    Awesome! She should also sell prints of the cover. Its amazing!

  • Nikki says:

    Yeah, it is. She does an amazing job on covers. She created one for the short story that I wrote. She captured the feel of the story exactly. I should really post it again so everyone can see it.

  • Oy, I’m late to the gate! I came here from your post on Ash Joie Lee’s blog (, and read this exciting announcement about the giveaway, and then found out I’m what? two weeks late! Urgh …

    So tell us, how did it go?? ::crosses fingers::

    And Nikki, how is the story founded on the Scottish mysticism coming along? I couldn’t determine if you’re writing a short story or a novel from it. Tell us more?

    I shall check in here to see how things are going!

  • Nikki says:

    thanks for stopping by McKenna!

    I know Jenny’s eBook is available on B&N, Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99. I’m loving it so far. (And it went well. I was surprised to find out I won one of the copies. I was not expecting it.) Also, if you follow her on Twitter, you’ll see she does frequent giveaways.

    The story that I mentioned on Ash Joie Lee’s blog is coming along well. I’m at about 17,500 words, so by the I’m done, it’ll be a full-length novel that I’ll end up ePublishing. I do have some short stories that I’m planning on publishing in the meantime. One, in fact, was already included in an anthology. I’m hoping to have that story available for purchase within the next week or two. That’s if all things go according to plan.

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