Sacrifice Update

If you’ve taken the time to look around my site over the past week, or are on my friends list on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen the cover for Sacrifice. (If not, it’s to the left.) I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out, and I think Jenny did a great job putting it together.

I’m also proud of how the story itself turned out. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve sat down to write a story like this. It wasn’t easy for me to write because I had to push myself beyond my comfort zone, but I think the end result is exactly what I was hoping for. Sure, the ending will leave readers with some unanswered questions, but it was intentional on my part. I didn’t want a clear cut ending. I wanted to leave it open to the readers’ interpretation.

If my editor’s reaction to Sacrifice is anything to go by, I think the story will do well. She told me it’s creepy and has a vibe similar to The Entity. And no, when I first started this story, I had never seen that movie. I did finally watch it about four or five months, and I enjoyed its creepiness factor, so to have my editor say that to me was a compliment. When you write  a story like this one, you want people to react that way. You don’t want to hear the same kind of compliments you’d get from a tearjerker. So score for me.

Aside from the new cover, I can also reveal that Sacrifice is nearly done. I sent it off to one of my readers last night. Hopefully she doesn’t hate it. And I plan on sending it to another one this morning.

As for the release, I’m hoping, if all goes well, it’ll be within the next week or two. I still need me editor to go through it one more time and make sure I addressed areas that needed some work. From there it still needs to be formatted and then uploaded. So cross your fingers for me that all goes well.

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