My Son, the Storyteller

One of my greatest pleasures in life is it to watch my children flex their creative muscle. I’m a very creative person, as is my dad, so when we see my son and daughter drawing or writing/telling a story, we’re beyond thrilled.

Today, my very precocious three-year-old decided to share one of his tall tales with his Bampi, aka my father. And I thought I’d share it with all of you because it’s just too cute not to.

My son Blake told my father that he lost a tooth on Thursday night while at a train station. He was then given gifts by Hot Honey. (I don’t know who Hot Honey is, but my dad says she sounds like a stripper. And I must concur.) Of course, none of this happened. Blake was home with us all night long.

This is actually the second story Blake’s told us this week. His first one involved him being carried away by a moose down a path to Cabellas. The moose eventually returned him home to his bedroom. What happened in between being abducted and returned home is a mystery to me, but I’m sure in his mind, it was an adventure.

As you can see, Blake has a very wild imagination. It reminds me of his sister when she was that age and talking about her invisible friend Blue Kitty.

If you’re the parent of creative child, please feel free to leave a comment about some of their tallest tales. I love the way little minds work.


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