What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail? – A Guest Blog Post From Tymothy Longoria

I’ve been very fortunate over the past couple of years to meet some truly inspiring and talented people that have taught me that I can be and do anything as long as I believe in myself and am willing to work hard. One such person that I’ve met is author Tymothy Longoria, a seriously talented man. To say he’s one of the nicest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met would be an understatement. He always has a kind word to offer, no matter what. So please take a few moments and read his guest blog post below. It’s one of my favorites, and I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

And when you’re done, please take some time to stop by Tymothy’s site and check out all the exciting things that are happening in his life. And if you need a word of encouragement and would like to be inspired, you can also find him on Twitter.



First, of course I would like to sincerely thank Nicole for having me. I am honored and my hope is that my words will touch at least one person. That’s all it takes. Something I said or did inspired others to create something out of nothing. I’m no different than you.

I, like many of my Fellow Writers and friends, am a quote junkie. You know what that is. I even like to make up my own. One of my favorites is: “Writing is second nature to me. Sometimes I forget that.”

But the question above has been floating around the internet for a very long time, and rightly so. It asks a very meaningful and profound question that every single one of us can ponder the answer.

Thing is…I have yet to see an answer. I mean I’m sure those of us who have seen this have asked ourselves this over and over…or even once. But have we ever answered this? Have we said, “Well, I would do this and that.” Or even “Hmm, good question. I think I would achieve my dreams.”

Yes. Great answers, but also very generic ones.

Today let’s answer this question. A line in one of my favorite songs goes like this: “This is the now. No longer will I wait my time.” I’m speaking of writing of course but this is universal. Apply this to any area of your life. Any.

So, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would you do if ahead of you was a prize. You name it. What could you achieve if you saw a guaranteed win in your favor?

Well, let’s be reasonable. Nah, let’s not. Reason has its place. But not here. Dreams and Reason are second cousins twice removed.

Let’s imagine. If you knew you’d win, what would you do?

Well, every step is a step closer to the realization of your dream. This quote implies that we have to do something. My most “seen” tagline is “Legends will be reborn.” I thought of that because I have the confidence that these characters will be entirely new. That an entirely new way of seeing something we are all very familiar with is possible. Hey, they did it with vampires and werewolves, right? In short I just want to share my few thoughts with you.

Okay, time to do. First. Clear your heart and mind and remember that brilliant story idea you had. Or maybe it wasn’t so brilliant. What could make it so? The popular bit of advice says to write what you know. I’m no one to disagree. So do that. Ignore the doubt in your head. It’s voice will get thinner and thinner as you progress.

Find your muse. What inspires you? For me it’s God. The things of God. My beliefs are my greatest inspiration. My family. Music. Epic fantasy. My Twitter Friends. Facebook. Seriously. They are all great inspirations. I learn so much from all of you.

Find your voice. How do you feel about certain things in life? What do you want to see written? Write it. Write that line of dialogue. Create that character that will live forever. Your character.

Can you imagine that with me?

A few days ago I tweeted this: How beautiful a sight it is seeing the title of your book on top of your name. That’s the beginning. I consider myself to be a reminder of the good things. So, I took this opportunity to remind you all that you can, especially now-achieve.

Now continue to do what you know you can do.

Continue to believe in yourself.

Continue to ask yourself:

What will I do now that I know I’m going to accomplish my dreams and goals?

Say it with me: I can and will do this.


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