"The Lapsing Years"

Since someone posted and asked where “The Lapsing Years” was, I’m sharing it with all of you, but please don’t post it anywhere else unless given permission. Thanks!
The Lapsing Years

A little girl sitting on my lap,
Smiling, giggling and full of laughs.

Since then many years have passed,
Leaving us with many moments of silence that last.

With these years our interests have changed,
Resulting in times when we don’t know quite what to say.

With all the differences in our lives
Many things remain the same.

The love I feel for you grows everyday,
The need of your presence, or your own caring way.

Even though many days it doesn’t show,
I love you, just wanted you to know.

© Robert Normandeau

Dad, you should really consider working on those novels you’ve got tucked away. They are great and don’t deserve to be stuck on a dark shelf, collecting dust.

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