Two of My Good Friends Need Some Help

Newsflash: OUR ECONOMY SUCKS! But you probably already knew that. Last night, I found out firsthand how much it truly blows.

This month started out fantastic but it went to hell real quick like. And while I could easily bitch about the unexpected turn of events that last night delivered to me, I’m not going to. Sure, it sucked to lose a job that I really liked, but I at least still have something to fall back on. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than some people have, so I’m counting my blessings. Unfortunately, my buddy James Melzer, along with others, was not so lucky.

When I was told the news last night I was upset, but my thoughts instantly turned to James and his fiance Jenny, who is one of my best friends. See, these two want to get married, but it’s not as simple for them as it is for most of us. Jenny is from the U.S. while James is from Canada, which means he has to jump through hoops in order to marry the woman he loves.

Due to last night’s unexpected turn of events, it looks like their dream of marrying may have to be pushed back.  I love these two to pieces. They’ve made me laugh when I’ve felt like crying. They’ve accepted me the way I am and have not asked me to change, so I can’t sit idly by and allow them to go through this without some help from me.  I know money is tight for many of us, so any way that you can help would be appreciated.

If you are interested, there are several ways that you can help them out. Please check both of their sites, and for more info.


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  1. James Melzer says:

    Thank you, Nicole. It means so much to us that you’re helping to spread the word. It sucks for all of us, and we need to be there for one another as much as possible. Times are tough, but with someone like Jenny by my side, and good friends like yourself, it makes it way easier 🙂

    ... on July July 23rd, 2010
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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by James Melzer, Kyle Dockery. Kyle Dockery said: RT @Melzer: RT @NicoleLIreland Two of my friends need your help: (Thanks so much Nikki!) […]

    ... on July July 23rd, 2010
  3. Jenny Beans says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Nikki. You made me cry, but cos I was happy to have a good friend like you!

    ... on July July 23rd, 2010
  4. vange says:

    That sucks so hard for them.

    ... on July July 24th, 2010
  5. vange says:

    Jenny, I’ma send some dental floss to you. Don’t neglect your dental hygiene in these times of economic uncertainty!

    Yeah, I got nothin’. This still sucks.

    ... on July July 27th, 2010
  6. vange says:


    ... on July August 1st, 2010
  7. Jen says:

    Jenny is awesome, I don’t know James except through Jenny but he must be awesome too if Jenny thinks so.

    I can’t do much but if anyone donates over $5 to these two I will give a free month membership on Tribal Blogs. I wish I could give more.

    ... on July August 4th, 2010
  8. vange says:

    Is this fixed yet?!?

    ... on July August 11th, 2010
  9. vange says:


    ... on July August 15th, 2010

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