It’s My Life: My Son Thinks He’s Mike Rowe

See, my son and daughter both love pigs as much as Mike does.

In the past I’ve written about the funny things that my kids have said or done.

I’ve shared one of the most recent comments from my son with friends on Twitter and Facebook, and I thought it would be nice to share on it here, as well.

I like the idea that stories about my children will be here for them to read when they’re older. And maybe, just maybe, when they think I don’t love them, they’ll see differently. Because I do love them…more than anything.

So, last week my precocious three-year-old looked at his father and said out of nowhere, “My name is Mike Rowe and this is my job.” That’s not something a three-year-old typically says. But in our house , Dirty Jobs is a favorite, especially of my daughter’s, so I suppose it was bound to be said by one of them at some point.

A day or so after that initial comment, Blake looked at me and said, “My name is Mike Rowe and this is my dirty job, sticking a spoon in the peanut butter.” (He’s a peanut butter fiend. Seriously! My parents bought him a jar of peanut butter for Christmas as a joke. And he was thrilled.) I, of course, responded appropriately with a loud laugh, to the point I had tears in my eyes.  He looked at me like I was off my rocker, and I looked at him like he’s the funniest person since Bob Marley (the comedian).

So why share this story with all of you? Well, I thought it would be nice to remind us parents that on the days when we’re sad and lonely, feeling depressed, etc., our kids have the ability to make us feel better — to show us that life isn’t as bad as we sometimes like to think it is. Laughter makes you feel good and a smile can brighten your day, so the next time you’re feeling like crying or curling up in bed and hiding from the big, bad world, take a look at your kids. Spend a moment watching them, and I guarantee you’ll find a smile on your face before you know it.

If you’d like to share some funny stories about your children, please feel free to. I’d love to read them.

12 Responses to It’s My Life: My Son Thinks He’s Mike Rowe

  • Angela says:

    Oh… your son would fit right in at our house – We love Mike Rowe! Its so funny that he copied the tv show! You are right – our children do know how to make us laugh, evne when they are not trying to 🙂

  • Nikki says:

    I was actually joking around with my mom. I told her I was going to dress him up as Mike for Halloween and teach him to say “My girlfriend loves my butt in these jeans” just like the commercial. It would be HYSTERICAL!

    And mommy must admit, she has a bit of a crush on Mike.

  • TS Mize says:

    I haven’t been following your blog enough to know- but are those your piggies? (I LOVE pigs. lol)

  • Nikki says:

    Yep, they are. My daughter named them Pork Chop, Bacon and Double Bacon. She’s a twisted child.

  • Those pigs, and the kids, are super cute! 🙂

    I love the pig names. 🙂

    Mike Rowe is awesome. I saw his talk on and you can tell he’s an awesome guy.

  • Jill says:

    Hehe, love this!

    My husband and I were totally stressed out and angry at a situation yesterday.. somehow the kids came up. We started laughing about the crazy things they do, and all worries forgotten. Kids may be crazy hairless monkeys at times, but they are entertaining for sure!

  • Chrystal says:

    Hello…..I followed you here from wplh 🙂 I really like your blog!! I even decided to pick you for an award since I liked it so much!!

  • Nikki says:

    Thanks! What a cool idea. I like it so much that I will follow suit tomorrow. I know of a bunch of deserving blogs/sites that could use the mention.

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  • Bailey says:

    Family stories are SO important to family history. We have lost so much in not recording and sharing the stories that make us laugh and even cry. I am amazed at how many more family stories I remember than my brothers and sisters. These are part of our history even if it is not landing on the moon or a big national event.

  • Nikki says:

    I completely agree. I have some very treasured memories from my childhood that I hopefully never forget. I want my children to have that same option. I want them to remember the stupid, silly things we do for them — the things we do to make them happy and smile.

  • Nikki says:

    Yes, they are. My son had a moment this morning before it was even 9. I couldn’t stop laughing. By the time I was done, my stomach was hurting.

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