What a Crazy Month

It’s been several weeks since I posted on here, so I figured this morning was a good time to rectify that.

As the title suggests, this month has been CRAZY. But not in a bad way. Sure, there have been moments that have made me want to pull my hair out, but for the most part, it’s been a fantastic month.

First, I set a goal back in January to lose some weight. I wanted 2011 to be a time of change for me, so I figured that was a great goal. I actually met my first weight loss goal a couple weeks ago. And I am beyond thrilled. I still want to lose some more. I actually have a wedding to attend in November, and I want to be able to wear a dress I feel good in and that makes me feel pretty. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to dress up, so I’m looking forward to a girly day where I get my hair, makeup and nails done. And a spray tan because by that time I will be my normal albino self. (Seriously, I’m very pale, so I’ll need some help in the color department.)

Back to the topic at hand…this crazy month.

So what else was crazy?

Well, even though the month isn’t quite over, I can say that I’ve had the best month sales-wise that I’ve ever had. I thought maybe I’d hit 500. But guess what? I waved psychotically as I drove right past it. And now here I sit, on the cusp of 1,500 sales for the month. Yes…1500! I’m like a kid all hopped on Pixie Sticks and Coke right now. I keep pinching myself because those numbers can’t be right. Right? But oh, they are.

After seeing this month’s amazing numbers, I’ve been contemplating what to make next month’s goal. I’m leaning towards 2,500. Yep, that’s a gain of 1,000, but you know what? I think I can do it. There’s nothing like a good challenge to fire me up, so bring it August. You’re going down.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough. It’s time for me to get working and writing. Yes, I’ve been writing…A LOT! But it’s been great. My creative juices have been flowing continuously and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. So I’m going to keep listening to my muse, and clicking away on my keyboard.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe. And to all you writers out there…HAPPY WRITING!

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  1. Acadia
    Twitter: acadia

    Congratulations on all the sales. I predict good things for you!

    ... on July July 30th, 2011
  2. Allie Burke says:

    I am so freaking proud of you.

    1,500 sales. That. Is. AWESOME. Congratulations. You deserve it.

    As I read this post its as if I’m there and I can see you smiling. I like that. It makes me smile.

    Congrats, Nikki. You’re an amazing Writer and Friend. I’m so happy for you.

    ... on July July 31st, 2011
  3. Cornmeal says:

    Mmmmmm. Pixie sticks.

    ... on July August 16th, 2011
  4. Chrystal says:

    1500!! WOW! I am so proud of you girl! If anyone deserves that success it’s you. I can see you hitting 2500 and 5000 and…and…and. Yes, you can do it!

    ... on July November 4th, 2011

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